Adventure Kids 2023/2024

Ms. Nichols is ready to return for some afternoon fun! The program is open for children Kindergarten to Grade 4 Monday to Thursday. There is NO snacks provided, so please make sure you pack some snacks for them.

We start right afterschool and base our program out of the cafeteria. There is a late bus available to all grades except Kindergarten. Pick up is 4:45. Late bus leaves at 4:45. The arrival time for them to get to the stop, will vary depending on how many children utilize the late bus. We can provide an approximate time if you would like.

The cost is $5 a day, and we prefer you fill out all the days and pay for them all at the beginning of the month. We are short staffed. The cost for each additional sibling is $3 per day.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. 603-374-1952